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Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump

Orthopaedic Injury

Our Occupational Therapy team is skilled in interventions related to overcoming functional deficits due to musculoskeletal injuries, spinal cord injury, amputations, fractures and/or soft tissue injuries. Occupational Therapists work with clients from all age groups and conditions to find a treatment plan that works for them. 

At the initial Occupational Therapy visit, your therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to learn more about the areas you struggle with and what your goals are. Our team will implement assistive device prescription, training, and compensatory training to help you achieve your goals. Occupational therapists have specialized training in assisting our clients in finding alternative pathways to restoring normal daily functioning.

Innovative Occupational Therapy is proud to have Assistive Device Program (ADP) Authorizers on our team, who assist with wheelchair/mobility device applications for public funding. Please visit this website (Assistive Devices Program | or contact us for more information.

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