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Family Portrait

Populations We Serve

A Toddler and a Baby

Newborn to 12 years

Teenagers on Mobile phone

12 to 25

Smiling Young Woman

25 - 64

Older M-F couple with glasses


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Assessments of Attendant Care Needs – Form 1

Functional Cognitive Assessments

Catastrophic Assessments (Glasgow Outcome Scale Extended, AMA Criteria 8)

Hospital Discharge Interventions

Future Cost of Care Reports

Vocational Interventions

Assistive Devices Prescription/Wheelchair Seating

Home Accessibility Supports

Individualized Rehabilitation Programs

WSIB & Long-Term Disability

Serious Injury Program Rehabilitation

Ergonomic/Work Site Assessments

Return to Work 

Functional Restoration Interventions


Home and Community Rehabilitation programs are customized for each client to improve their ability to participate in activities of daily living, community re-integration, household management, work/school, and leisure activities. Programs are goal-focused and aim to maximize functional independence through assessment, reactivation, therapeutic activity, provision of adaptive equipment, and education. Occupational therapists assist clients to develop adaptive and/or compensatory strategies where appropriate. 

Motor Vehicle Accidents
WSIB & Long Term Disability
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