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Every winter, millions of Canadian and Northern U.S.A residents migrate south to escape the harsh cold weather. Commonly referred to as "Snowbirds" they emulate the northern birds' winter flight south. Who can blame them? From the warmer climate to the sparkling waterways, beaches, theme parks, and the many outdoor activities, Snowbirds find much to enjoy and appreciate in the Southern U.S.A.


  1. Innovative's Occupational Therapists are experienced in Ontario and Southern US States

  2. Innovative is a proud member of Cross Border Confidence (TM) A name you can trust

  3. We work with you to find the best personal injury lawyers where-ever the accident happened

  4. We utilize your statutory benefits as a Canadian Citizen 

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Members of our experienced and knowledgeable team of Occupational Therapists have practiced in the Southern United States and understand how to navigate the health care system to maximize our clients’ rehabilitation and access to care. 

In Ontario, our primary practice involves providing superior, comprehensive and client-centered care to successfully rehabilitate a myriad of injuries, while closely working with other health care professionals and managing third party stakeholders. Our unique perspective and experience of both American and Canadian laws and health care enable us to assist Ontarians injured in accidents occurring across the southern border. We offer: 

  • Collaboration with US Healthcare providers to facilitate a smooth and effective transition back to Canada should you or your loved one sustain complicated injuries. 

  • Assistance with repatriations from US hospitals to Canada, if required.

  • Assisting you or your loved one return to the United States of America from an Ontario hospital by ensuring appropriate supports are in place including provision of medical equipment and personal care supports as funded by the accident benefits policy.

  • Once you or your loved one are home, we will support you in acquiring the appropriate treatment providers for continuing the rehabilitation journey and optimizing recovery. 

  • Home modifications may be necessary for a safe return home.  In these instances, we will review the environment with an accessibility contractor to determine any modification requirements and apply for funding to proceed.

  • Your assigned occupational therapist will assist you or your loved one by providing education so that you may make complicated decisions in a well-informed manner and advocate on your behalf so that you may access necessary treatment and funding to restore your life and achieve your goals.  

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