Every winter, millions of Canadian and Northern U.S.A residents migrate south to escape the harsh cold weather. Commonly referred to as "Snowbirds" they emulate the northern birds' winter flight south. Who can blame them? From the warmer climate to the sparkling waterways, beaches, theme parks, and the many outdoor activities, Snowbirds find much to enjoy and appreciate in the Southern U.S.A.


We are happy to inform you that we have recently become one of the exclusive Ontario health care members of “Cross Border Confidence (sm) and SnowbirdAccidents.com”. It is the first ever integrated attorney referral system between Ontario, Canada and Florida, USA to help travellers involved in serious motor vehicle accidents outside of their home state or province.


Every year close to a million Canadians - commonly referred to as “Snowbirds”, migrate south to escape the harsh cold weather. Unfortunately while travelling to and from their favourite southern destinations, Snowbirds sometimes get into very serious motor vehicle accidents. Any acccident at anytime can be devastating. It can be terribly overwhelming in an unfamiliar U.S. state.


Did you know:

  • Snowbirds favourite destination is Florida.

  • Hwy I-90 and l-75 are two of the most dangerous highways in the USA.

  • Florida has the most uninsured drivers in the entire Union.

  • If a Snowbird is involved in an accident anywhere in North America, Ontario car insurance statutory accident benefits and underinsured motorist coverage, must be claimed in Ontario.

  • The Tort claim (the action against the at fault driver) must be brought in the state or province where the accident happened. 

  • Florida, and Ontario have strict legal time limits in which to file claims. 


So what happens if you are seriously injured in an accident outside of Ontario?

Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits assist in the immediate payment of hospital accounts, and medical and rehabilitative needs. These benefits allow USA Hospital Discharge Planners and Social Workers, to facilitate you and your family’s return home.


This is where we come in! As part of “Cross Border Confidence” 

  1. we can help remit the appropriate claim forms to your Ontario car insurer;

  2. in serious, catastrophic motor vehicle accidents we can attend in Florida, to help co-ordinate your return home. We have both Florida and Ontario Board Certified Occupational Therapists who help with this process;

  3. once home we can provide housing and home care assessments, to help ensure your medical and rehabilitative needs are met;

  4. we can also provide the needed supporting medical information to your Ontario Lawyer and/or your USA attorney who is protecting your legal rights; and,

  5. there is no cost or fee paid by you. Our account will either be paid by your legal representative or the Car Insurance company.


Lastly, Cross Border Confidence and Snowbirdaccidents.com can arrange for you to speak to some of the best Florida Attorneys, and/or Ontario Lawyers. They protect you and your family’s legal rights and remedies. 


Cross Border Accidents are complicated.

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