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Meet The Innovative Team

The Innovative Advantage is that every member of our team is highly experienced. Innovative provides a unique service to clients, in that any of our clinicians have the expertise to produce the highest quality interventions and assessment reports. Our team collaborates on all clinical files to provide our clients and referral sources with the greatest outcomes.




For the past 14 years, I have been relentlessly dedicated to making a difference for individuals and families dealing with disabilities and serious health conditions. 

Over my years of practice, I have faced the barriers of working within the constraints of the auto sector legislation. Seeing the impact on individuals and families, fueled my passion to find creative solutions. I have always worn two hats, 1) the empathetic, client-centered Occupational Therapist; and, 2) a skilled advocate. I soon realized that as a sole provider my reach in supporting clients would be limited to the number of individuals I could carry on my “caseload”.

In 2015, I founded Innovative Occupational Therapy Services. It was the beginning of a mentorship program and team that would change the lives of many more individuals. It provides occupational therapists a place to learn and grown. 

Innovative Occupational Therapy Services now represents one of the largest Occupational Therapy only firms in the province with over 50 therapists. We now collectively as a team support our clients by going over and above, driven by our passion to make a profound difference in the individuals lives we service.

My education background includes a Master’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, and an Honours Bachelor’s of Arts in Kinesiology. I have developed my clinical skills through extensive continuing education and direct clinical practice. I formerly practiced in the United States in both community care and complex medical subacute rehab facilities. My expertise is in teaching occupational therapists through a client-centred lens of practice and treating and assessing individuals who have sustained catastrophic neurological, orthopaedic, and/or psychological/behavioural injuries.

I have experience testifying at legal proceedings and have been deemed a Qualified Expert Witness in the area of Occupational Therapy by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Financial Services Commission Ontario.

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